Arrivederci To Dennis Hadley

Here is an old photo of the original Frittatas, ca.2005.We regret to inform all of you that our fine accordionist, Dennis Hadley, has left The Hot Frittatas to join the popular Zydeco band, Gator Nation. Dennis was one of our founding members and played in the Frittatas for over 15 years. He was on each of our three CDs, played on our NPR broadcasts (e.g. “Says You”, which is still playing re-runs of the shows); helped compose the music we wrote for “The Bachelor” TV show, and much much more. It will be very hard to find a replacement for Dennis and we’re all going to miss him.

Dennis is not a stranger to Zydeco music, and played in several Cajun and Zydeco bands prior to joining the Frittatas. He played in Soleil Zydeco in Sonoma, back in the early 90s, and then joined the Cajun Coyotes in the late 90s, and eventually the Wild Catahoulas Band, including Allegra Broughton and Sam Page. He has certainly done his Cajun/Zydeco homework, and we all wish him well in the new Band.

A Bakers Dozen, New mandolin book by Gus Garelick

New Mandolin Book By Gus Garelick:

Mandolinist and fiddler, Gus Garelick, just published a new collection of mandolin tunes, called Baker’s Dozen. Of course, there are 13 tunes (Baker’s Dozen), including seven originals and six adaptations of traditional tunes from Italy, Russia, Israel, Cuba and elsewhere. Some of these tunes are already standards in the Hot Frittatas’ repertoire. The book is printed in both standard notation and MandoTab. Gus is currently recording a CD to go along with the book. You can find the book at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma or People’s Music in Sebastopol. And it’s listed online at Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan
(; 888- 473-5810). The price is $15, plain, ($20 with CD—available in October.)


The Hot FrittatasNorthern California’s liveliest ensemble for European and International café music: Italian, French, Mexican, Brazilian, and more. The Hot Frittatas consists of fiddle, mandolin, accordion, guitar, and cello. Their third CD, “What’s Next?” was released in the Fall of 2009, continuing a musical journey which began with Caffe Liscio (2001), followed by Invitation to the Dance (2004). Their spirited performances include the Cotati Accordion Festival, The San Francisco Mandolin Festival, San Francisco Ferry Plaza Festa di Primavera, Italian Festas in California, Nevada, and Oregon, the Folk Alliance West Conference, in Phoenix, Arizona, and concerts from Pasadena to Portland. They have played wineries, restaurants, house concerts, and Italian weddings throughout the Bay Area and have written original music for television and film, as well as appearing on the nationally-syndicated radio show, West Coast Live, in San Francisco, and “Says You” on NPR. A great band for dancing, dining, or enchanted listening.
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